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This page has the following resources to help you find Clothing and Shoes in Washington State


Americans wear used clothing. This is normal and expected.  Many locations in Washington state offer used clothing at no cost. They are usually called “clothing banks.” Find a clothing bank near you with this online tool. There are also stores that offer low-cost used (second-hand) clothing. They are usually called “thrift shops” or “thrift stores”.  Tips: Many food banks also operate clothing banks.  Even if the agency name does not include the word “clothing,” don’t assume that no clothing is available.  

Operation School Bell

Run by the Assistance League, this program has multiple locations in Washington state; Seattle, Eastside (King County), Southwest (Clark County), Everett (Snohomish County), and Bellingham (Whatcom County). Organization provides clothing vouchers for children to shop at local retail stores (changes depending on location) to purchase new clothing and shoes for the school year.

Soles 4 Souls

This organization distributes new clothing and shoes to those in need. They prioritize requests from partner nonprofits, but also accept individual requests.


Users can shop online or in person at many store locations. You can also type in your zip code into the Store Locator to find stores near you. Users can shop online and have products delivered to their homes. Many online items require bidding, but there is a Buy it Now webpage where items can be purchased directly. Goodwill also has a section for items with 1¢ shipping in case shipping costs are a barrier to online purchases.

Tip: Goodwill labels their items with different colored tags. Each week, a different tag color is on sale from 30-50% off. You can save more by shopping for items with the color corresponding with the week’s sale

Tips: Type “WA United States” in the Search box.  Click on “Filter” and unselect everything except “Retail Store.”

Value Village

Has low-cost, mostly secondhand houseware products for purchase. Use the Store Locator to find various stores in Washington state. Customers can Join the Super Savers Club to earn points when they shop to get future discounts.

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is a grocery store that offers medium-cost clothing, shoes, and housewares, at several locations.

Tip: You can sign up for a free Fred Meyer account to get discounts that mention a membership card. You can also download their app from the Android or Apple store to clip coupons to save even more.

Tips: Sign up for a free Fred Meyer account to get discounts that mention a membership card.

Android: www.fredmeyer.com/androidapp

iPhone: www.fredmeyer.com/iosapp


Ross is an affordable clothing store chain with steep markdowns. There are many stores across Washington state. You can find one near where you live by using the Store Locator. Ross has some items on clearance. These are the cheapest items, but they can’t be returned.


Target is a chain department store that sells medium-priced clothing and shoes. There are many stores across Washington state. You can find one near where you live by using the Store Locator. Target has some items on clearance. Clearance items are the cheapest, but they can’t be returned.


Walmart is a chain grocery and retail department store. Customers can purchase a variety of household and clothing items, including mattresses, online or at one of their 66 locations in Washington state using the Store Locator. Walmart has some items on clearance. Clearance items are the cheapest, but they can’t be returned.

JOANN Fabrics & Crafts

JOANN Fabrics is a chain craft store that carries fabrics and sewing machines, and sewing accessories, including bobbins, pins, buttons, and machine sewing needles.  Many products can be ordered online. Many locations in Washington state can be found using the Store Locator. They are linked below for convenience. Store hours vary by location.

Michaels Arts & Crafts

Michaels is a chain craft store where customers can purchase sewing machines, sewing accessories, fabric, thread, and bobbins. Products can be purchased from their website under the Fabric and Sewing Shop category or at various locations in Washington State using the Store Locator.

Quality Sewing & Vacuum

QSV is a chain store that sells and repairs refurbished sewing machines and vacuums. The store also sells fabrics, bobbins, pins, needles, and other sewing accessories; Store locations also offer sewing classes, and repair services. Products can be purchased online or in stores across Washington state using the Store Locator.

Undaunted Women

Undaunted Women in the past has helped many Afghan women get a sewing machine. Fill out the form on their website if you are interested in getting a sewing machine for free or at a reduced rate.

Buy Nothing – Facebook groups

Buy Nothing is a social movement that connects local community members to exchange many different kinds of free items. A Facebook account is required to participate in your local group; to make your account you must provide a name, email or phone number, birthday, and gender.


Once you have made a Facebook account, you can ask to join your local community’s Buy Nothing group. Visit the link at the top to find groups that are active in your city. To find your city or neighborhood more easily, press CTRL + F on your keyboard and type your area’s name into the search window that appears. Click the link for the one that is closest to you and request to join. You may be asked to provide some information to assure the people who run the group that you are a local.


Once you have been accepted into a Buy Nothing group, you can make posts for items you would like to give away or items you are seeking. If you are giving away an item, it is helpful to provide a short description of the item, a picture, and a general location where people can pick up the item. People will then message you on Facebook or comment on the post if they are interested. If you are interested in someone else’s item, comment on the post or message them directly. If you are looking for an item, make a post describing the item you are looking for and someone may have one to offer you.


Tip: While most Buy Nothing transactions are friendly, please be careful when meeting with strangers. Here are some safety tips to make sure that you are not harmed when giving or taking items from a Buy Nothing group:

  1. Meet in a public place, not your own home
  2. Bring a friend and tell others where you are going
  3. Check the Facebook account of the person with whom you are doing the transaction. If it does not look trustworthy to you, you do not need to follow through with the transaction.
  4. Do not give away personal information such as your address, birth date, financial information, identification, etc.

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